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It's 1969 in Kings Cross and Joan Miller, a smart and sophisticated midwife, returns home from London to take a job at the Kings Cross Hospital and find a new life for herself, at a time when Australia is coming of age and the new generation believes anything is possible. Dr Patrick McNaughton is the head of obstetrics at Kings Cross Hospital, and Frances Bolton is the tough matron who also controls the running of Stanton House, a home for unwed pregnant young women. Their lives intersect between Kings Cross Hospital, Stanton House and the wild streets of Darlinghurst beyond the hospital walls.

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Love Child Season 1 Episode 8 Season 1 (8 Episodes)
Love Child Season 2 Episode 8 Season 2 (8 Episodes)
Love Child Season 3 Episode 6 Season 3 (6 Episodes)
Love Child Season 4 Episode 10 Season 4 (10 Episodes)
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